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13 new apps to kick off 2016

Last updated December 28, 2015

In the final days of 2015 we look back at a great year of apps and integrations, and a redesigned apps marketplace to house them. Before the calendar turns overs, we’re squeezing in 13 new additions—a jumpstart to 2016 and the possibilities for better-integrated workflows and smoother customer service. Cheers to that!

Calendar is built by our friends over at and helps to create calendar events from within any ticket through a clean and simple sidebar interface. Choose the time of day, date, and the duration of the event, and bam!, your calendar event is created. By syncing your Zendesk calendar with your Google calendar, your whole company will be able to easily see what you and your team(s) have planned.

Channel Reply
Channel Reply makes it astonishingly simple to respond to all your Amazon or eBay service messages directly through Zendesk. You’ll have access to threaded conversations with your eBay and Amazon customers from within Zendesk tickets, and you’ll have all the customer order information you need to stay organized and provide effective support while working on tickets.

Apptentive is the leading enterprise SaaS platform for mobile customer communications. The company’s in-app messages, surveys, and intelligent ratings prompts empower brands to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Set up Apptentive to send any of the feedback gathered into Zendesk tickets so you can properly follow up with customers and keep them happy.

Kabana is a Kanban board for managing your tickets. If you have ever posted sticky notes on a whiteboard, you will know how to use Kabana. It has never been easier to adopt an agile workflow. Kabana provides one board per group with one column for each ticket status. Each ticket is represented as a card which shows the ticket number, title, and current assignee. You can drag and drop tickets onto a column to change the status.

Cloud ACD
CallOne offers a cloud-based contact center solution that enables customer service teams to manage inbound and outbound calls in a smart way. Connecting Zendesk and CallOne Cloud ACD through this integration makes it possible to include real-time voice tickets in Zendesk. Important customer information, like phone number and previous inquiries and purchases, are immediately presented to the assigned agent on his or her Zendesk user interface. When a calls comes in, a new ticket will be created or the call will be added to a pre-existing ticket.

Super Receptionist
Super Receptionist streamlines and automates your contact center operations. When customers call in, support teams can welcome them with a customized message and invite them to submit a support ticket. If customers call during business hours, they can be automatically directed to a live support agent. Agents can greet customers by name and be aware of any previous conversations. Agents can also choose to link the call to previous tickets or to create a new ticket or, once the call is completed, SuperReceptionist can automatically create a support ticket on behalf of the customer, with a link to the call records.

Higher Logic
Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based community platforms, with over 25 million engaged members in more than 200,000 communities. By integrating with Zendesk, discussion threads in a Higher Logic Community can be submitted as a ticket to Zendesk through the click of a button whenever an issue isn’t resolved in the community. Once the Zendesk ticket is created, the whole thread is included in the ticket so the agent has all the relevant information from the discussion.

Intellinote is a platform for team communication and collaboration and puts Files, Tasks, and Messages in one place. Agents will have the ability to have instant video and audio conferences and screen sharing sessions, or to generate group messages, direct messages, or Tasks from within Zendesk—whatever works best for you and your team.

Adobe BC
Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one business website and online marketing solution, built for web designers. This integration, brought to you by 7bits, enriches your Zendesk users with extra data about visitors from Adobe BC CRM. Profiles becomes more interesting for all sites based on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform, as you can enrich your data with a visitor’s name and email, phone, device class, company, website, birthdate, rating, and more.

Jitterbit Harmony
Jitterbit Harmony is a flexible, powerful, easy-to-use integration platform that allows for you to connect to any of their hundreds of pre-packaged connectors, or to any RESTful APIs. Connect Zendesk to the many apps you use and keep information in sync between systems. Enable customers of all sizes to gain significant business value for designing, deploying, and managing integrations across the most common integration scenarios.

Solved Tickets Progress Bar
Solved Tickets Progress Bar is brought to us by Lumos Labs, who have built a simple app to track of your weekly progress on apps. Set a weekly goal, and as you solve tickets, watch your progress bar make its way to completion.

Plus, new in Zendesk Labs:
Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app!

  • TeamCal – An experimental app to help you sync tickets to a Google calendar.
  • Internal Feedback – An app to help you collect your team’s feedback about how they like using Zendesk.

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