Create private internal knowledge bases

Published October 22, 2010
Last updated October 22, 2010

Update: A lot's changed since we first wrote this blog post! Building an internal knowledge base is now easier than ever with Zendesk Guide.

Original blog post below:

We received this question recently during one of our regular webinars:

Can we create private forums in order to create an internal knowledge base?

The answer is yes. For each of your Zendesk forums, you can set a few different levels of access.

  • Make them entirely public
  • Allow only your logged in customers and agents to access them
  • Make them private to your support agents only

We have some internal forums here at Zendesk - internal knowledge bases, drafts of support articles, some HR stuff. To keep things organized, we created a forum category called Internal.

To create a forum category, click the Forum tab in the top navbar and then the Add Category button in the upper right.

Within this category we have added forums that we want to keep private to our internal staff (i.e. our internal knowledge bases).

There are many ways to create a new forum, but since we just created a category, you can click into that and then hit the Add Forum button in the upper right.

When you add a new forum, you have the option to set its permission level. For private ones, make sure you choose the Agents Only option under "Who can view topics in this forum?"

Now when you save the forum, you will see a little lock icon next to it. This shows that it is private and only your support agents can see it.

And there you have it. You can add as many private forums as you like - either in this category or elsewhere. Any topic you add to those forums will be for your eyes (and the eyes of your support agents) only.