Delivering high-impact phone support, featuring DonorsChoose

Published March 1, 2016
Last updated March 1, 2016

Effective phone support can have a powerful impact, especially for non-profit and community organizations. Whether guiding valuable donors through questions or delivering in-the-moment support to students and volunteers, the immediate, personal touch of a phone call goes a long way. Zendesk makes phone support easy with Zendesk Talk, a VoIP phone support solution built right into the Zendesk ticket support system. Easy to set up, easy to use, and cost-effective—it's a perfect fit for non-profit organizations.

DonorsChoose, a leading nonprofit that allows individual donors to contribute directly to teachers in high-need communities, initially used Zendesk only to support contributors and teachers via email. After noticing that many members of their community were eager to speak directly with a DonorsChoose employee, they introduced Zendesk Talk for phone support. Now, they are able to assist high-value donors and nurture projects in new regions, while maintaining their commitment to organizational transparency and efficiency.
You'll learn how DonorsChoose:

  • provide 2 million + supporters and 680,000+ project leaders with seamless, multichannel support;
  • guide teachers and donors through complex project lifecycles; and,
  • maintain operational efficiency as they scale phone support operations.

This on-demand webinar also includes a live demo of Zendesk Talk.

Ryan Nichols

Ryan Nichols is General Manager of Zendesk Talk, joined by Kristin Kwasnik, Senior Customer Account Manager for Zendesk's nonprofit and educational customers.

Risa Ward

Risa Ward is VP of Operations and Customer Service. She's joined by Katie Vallas, Operations Associate for Teacher Relations, at DonorsChoose.