Community tip: How to review tickets and set QA standards as you scale

Published March 16, 2015
Last updated July 6, 2021

It's easy to recognize that each company and their approach to support, tickets, and their customers is unique. Here's the approach I've used to review tickets and set QA standards for the last two years at Fiverr, which has turned out to be really progressive for a rapidly growing Marketplace/IT company. Hopefully this information can be used, to an extent, by everyone.

To begin with, document everything!
The easiest way to anticipate scaling and at least have your objective standards of customer support and training methods is to simply document everything. Depending on your resources, shared documents (Google Docs/Sheets) and Zendesk (Knowledge Base/Insights) can work together like PB&J.

Create a customer support manual. It should document your support/company culture, team member directory, agent workflows, training programs, escalation pathways, and other resources. A manual can be a centralized document on agent conduct. Through the lens of quality assurance (QA), this creates objective standards that have clear visibility for the agent, QA team member, and manager.

I work with a 24/7 global team who mostly work together closely on Skype/HipChat. We get a high volume of tickets every day, and often have issues that remain unsolved. As you can imagine, there's plenty of stuff to talk about with backlog management, ticket prioritization and, more to the point, QA.

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This community tip is from Ryan Bajnath, Director of Customer Support at Fiverr.