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Nine new additions to the Zendesk tool belt

Last updated July 1, 2014

This month we’re happy to bring you 9 great new integrations that help you do everything from initiating a face-to-face chat with your customers to transferring content from Zendesk to WordPress.

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Quickie is one of the many wonderful apps put together by our good friends over at Lovestock & Leaf. Quickie is a handy top bar menu that gives you instant access to all views at all times from anywhere within Zendesk. Make your views more easily accessible to your agents and help improve the efficiency of your agents. You even have the ability to search your views with the Quickie app.


Cartloom is a great e-commerce platform, made to help you sell your goods online. Customize your store with the boat-load of features that Cartloom offers. The Cartloom for Zendesk app pulls in detailed order information from your Cartloom account when viewing a Zendesk ticket to give your support team a way to efficiently respond to order-related queries.

Google Hangouts

Sometimes a face-to-face conversation is the quickest way to solve a problem. We’ve made it easy for your support team to start conversations among themselves using Google+ Hangouts. In a single click, on the right side of tickets, you can initiate a hangout and choose from a list of your agents. Collaborate on tickets with other team members and help solve problems faster.

ClickDesk Live Chat

ClickDesk has been a long time Zendesk partner on the live chat front, but has recently put out a new Zendesk app that allows you to access your ClickDesk dashboard directly from Zendesk, as well as an app in tickets that allows you to see what chats are taking place while working on your tickets!


Follow Up Survey by Examinare enables you, as a customer of Zendesk and Examinare, to send out automatic follow-up surveys. Examinare will scan your database every 24 hours for newly closed tickets and can send out any customized surveys that you have put together using Examinare’s survey building tools. Send a Service Assessment Survey on every support request and see what your customers really think about your feedback handling.


kintone offers an all-in-one enterprise solution through its marketplace. Touted as a “drive-thru” for business apps, kintone allows customers to scan its marketplace and pick and click business apps to utilize. With the Zendesk app for kintone, you can easily display information pulled from kintone on Zendesk ticket pages to give your support team the information they need. In addition, kintone also provides a plugin inside its own platform that gives you quick and easy access to Zendesk tickets from kintone apps, giving your team full visibility into your customer interactions.

Answer Customers

Answer Customers is a tool that allows you to transfer content from Zendesk to WordPress with a single click of a button. Why keep answering the same questions over and over again? Take your expertly crafted Zendesk ticket responses and push them out to your WordPress hosted web site to help you generate content to help all of the users on your website.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is one of the most well known business applications on the market. SAP Business One gives you all the tools you need to run your business from end-to-end. The SAP Business One integration is put together by our partners over at Coresystems and helps you push data between SAP Business One and Zendesk so users of both tools have access to the information they need. Synchronize ticket, user, and account data between systems, or use the built in time tracking app to log work time to bill back to clients in SAP Business One.


What if you Zendesk tickets solved themselves? Directly for Zendesk inserts a crowdservice layer in your support stack that lets you manually or automatically open qualifying tickets to your expert crowd. It improves your customer experience by delivering faster answers (eight minutes on average) than most support organizations can deliver, and reduces your ticket volume with small rewards for experts that resolve tickets without help from your support team.

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