Fixd Repair + Zendesk: A sales solution to call home about

Since breaking onto the home warranty scene in 2015, Fixd Repair has been busy transforming the way homeowners file warranty claims through a transparent and easy-to-use digital application. With a bold growth strategy in hand, the team turned to Zendesk Sell to help achieve its vision for unprecedented sales volumes.

Fixd Repair

“I was amazed by how easy it was to set pipelines up for each team and how easy it was for users to quickly identify and customize their pipelines.”

Kyle Hussey

Head of Subsidiary Sales Strategy at Fixd Repair

“Zendesk Sell had exactly what we needed and it’s really easy to set up. I set up everything we needed in a day or so.”

Kyle Hussey

Head of Subsidiary Sales Strategy at Fixd Repair

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For many Americans, a home purchase is one of the most exciting moments of life—bringing with it the promise of new memories and showcasing the ultimate symbol of the American dream.

Along with the excitement, however, a home purchase also means dealing with many mundane tasks, such as the home warranty. Designed to give homeowners a safety net to protect them from unpredicted and costly repairs, the home warranty has become virtually ubiquitous with homeownership in America.

While those warranties can offer great financial protection, they’ve also historically been mired by complicated contracts, a lack of transparency in material and appliance replacements, and no control over service provider selection. In short, the home warranty often results in big headaches for many homeowners.

Disrupting home warranties

Frustrated by the traditional home warranty structure, Dallas-based entrepreneurs Brandon Bohannan and Bryan Chambers launched Fixd Repair. Founded in 2015, Fixd offers a bold new home warranty solution that is revolutionizing the way homeowners file warranty claims and connect with qualified warranty service professionals.

Unlike the typical home warranty model that dictates service prices, replacements, and service providers, Fixd Repair offers a fresh approach that puts the homeowner in complete control of the warranty process.

And as it turned out, customers were ready for Fixd’s vision in big ways.

Just four short years after launching, Fixd’s customer base expanded beyond Dallas to include all major metropolitan centers across Texas. This fast success soon caught the attention of ANGI Homeservices—a major publicly traded online marketplace that connects homeowners with service professionals around the world.

Impressed by Fixd’s steady growth, ANGI Homeservices acquired the promising startup in late 2019. Aware that the acquisition would significantly drive sales, Fixd’s executive team knew that it needed a solution that would help it deal with the surge in sales volume.

Uniting sales and support

Before the acquisition, Fixd’s sales process funneled through a cobbled-together network of digital sales solutions—including Hubspot for its CRM platform and RingCentral for its telephony connection.

Like most customer service–focused companies, Fixd considered its CRM and telephony connections as two of its most critical tools for keeping its sales funnel flowing. Unfortunately, due to a lack of reliable support and poor connections, Hubspot and RingCentral weren’t able to provide Fixd with the sales solution it needed.

With the post-acquisition increase in sales volume looming, Kyle Hussey, Fixd’s head of subsidiary sales strategy, knew he needed a solution, and fast.

“We were already using Zendesk for our support, so the addition of Sell meant we could keep everything with one provider.”Kyle Hussey, Head of Subsidiary Sales Strategy at Fixd RepairAlready using Zendesk for Fixd’s customer support and familiar with the platform’s sales solution, Zendesk Sell, Hussey reached out to learn more. In chatting with Zendesk’s Alex Van Divner, Hussey was impressed by Sell’s easy integration and competitive pricing. Plus, by going with Sell, Fixd would enjoy the convenience of having both its support and sales solutions provided by a single platform. “I had a conversation with Alex, and everything made sense,” Hussey said. “We were already using Zendesk for our support, so the addition of Sell meant we could keep everything with one provider.” Impressed, Hussey signed up for Sell’s CRM solution. Within just two short days after making the switch, Hussey and his sales teams were funneling their sales tasks through Sell.

“I was amazed by how easy it was to set pipelines up for each team and make it easy for users to quickly identify their pipelines and customize each one,” Hussey said.

A sales solution built for growing innovators

While home repair requests may seem like a straightforward sales process at first glance, the reality is much more complex. With customer inquiries coming in for anything from appliances and heaters to HVACs and roof repairs, Fixd’s sales team must be prepared to handle pretty much any type of home servicing need imaginable.

This sales challenge was further complicated following the acquisition by ANGI Homeservices. Fixd suddenly gained exposure to a massive new market of homeowners and realtors, and with it, many new types of home warranty service requests.

This increase in request diversity meant that Fixd’s sales team needed to grow and have a sales tool to easily scale with that growth. Flexible by design, Sell has enabled Fixd to seamlessly grow its sales team to 54 reps across five different teams.

Given the often urgent nature of home repairs, Sell’s push notifications feature also helps Fixd to stay on top of deal and lead updates while Sell’s lead scoring enables the team to prioritize hot leads. Fixd also credits Sell for helping it to stay on top of its sales pipeline during the uncertain early days of the Covid-19 pandemic.

With an eye on an even bolder expansion over the next two years, Fixd’s Sell implementation will help its growing sales team continue its growth into new regional markets and home repair verticals.