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Lonely Planet adopted Zendesk Support to respond to a myriad of customer support ticket requests and improve their support response rate.





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Lonely Planet believes that travel is a force for good. As the best-loved guidebook publisher worldwide, Lonely Planet is instilling this spirit in travellers across the globe.

Lonely Planet’s guides cover all the usual must-see spots—the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Gateway of India in Mumbai, the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin—but also encourages travellers to get off the beaten path and experience more of the nature and local culture in each destination. To help, Lonely Planet employs more than 360 writers to research their content on the ground. They bring customers a vast online ecosystem of e-books, travel bookings, an online shop, and their new “Guides” mobile app.

As Lonely Planet expands to new mediums, so expands its customer base. And a growing number of customers translates to a significant increase in support volume.

In search of the right software, the Lonely Planet team decided to sign up for a free Zendesk trial. Surprised by the simplicity of Zendesk’s interface, its useful agent and support ticket workflow, and the power and flexibility of its automated features, they decided to incorporate Zendesk into Lonely Planet’s customer support processes.

Within a few short weeks, Lonely Planet’’s entire customer-facing staff went live on Zendesk. “It’s a very beautiful and simple design. Very straightforward,” shared Aimee Dockary, Online Shop Customer Service at Lonely Planet. “I didn’t really need much training when I first started. Zendesk was quite easy to pick up.”

While Lonely Planet initially saw Zendesk as a tool for streamlining customer support for its website, they soon realized that Zendesk could help their whole organization do much more.

In addition to support requests, Lonely Planet also receives a high volume of tips and travel suggestions from its community of travellers. To help maintain accurate listings of hotels and restaurants around the world, Lonely Planet collects information submitted by ordinary travellers, verifies it and makes necessary changes to their core content. “We’re really lucky to have an engaged, loyal community of travellers and customers who want to interact with us every day in every way,” said Ellie Simpson, Traveller Communications Analyst at Lonely Planet. “Things change, prices go up. We appreciate hearing from travellers.” Since adopting Zendesk, Lonely Planet has optimized a fundamental part of its business: user-generated content.

With a user-friendly interface and Zendesk on the back-end, Lonely Planet is now getting to know its audience better than ever. Teams across the company can simultaneously assist customers and receive crucial feedback that maintains the integrity of their content. “Not only do we have the ability to keep our content up-to-date,” said Simpson, “but we are building a community and creating lasting relationships.”

“Not only do we have the ability to keep our content up-to-date, but we are building a community and creating lasting relationships.”

– Ellie Simpson Traveller Communications Analyst at Lonely Planet

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