Myndbend Approval Manager for Sell

Add approvers to your deals

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Myndbend Approval Manager

While closing the deal using Zendesk Sell, a rep might need to request approval from a manager or someone else from the team. There are a number of use cases for something like this, including:

  • A rep might want to give a non-standard discount

  • There is legal documentation that the legal team needs to review and approve

  • The company requires approval in order to move the deal to the next stage

Myndbend Approval Manager for Zendesk Sell makes all of that a breeze through a simple interface:

Example of adding approvers

Approving the deal

Once approvers are added in, they can approve/deny it directly from the Zendesk Sell UI, but they will also receive an automated approval email (that can be fully customized) informing them about the approval request as well as giving them an option to act directly from within the email:

Example of adding approvers

Keep the deal from proceeding until all approvals are obtained

Myndbend Approval Manager allows you to prevent the deal from moving to the next stage of your pipeline until the approvals have been obtained!

Snapshots & Event Logs

Easily track what action happened when, using the event logs. Capture a snapshot of the deal’s detail at the time the approver made their decision:

Example of Snapshots

Manage the Approval Process

Provide admins visibility into the entire approval workflow:

Manage the Approval Process


Free 15-day trial, then $4.00 per agent, per month




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