Zendesk 基準:快速增長的數位原住民如何創新與擴容

Zendesk 基準:知名企業如何運用數位轉型取得成功

Zendesk Guide 入門:策略與最佳實務

10 分鐘以上

Key benefits of integrated phone support

How to structure your customer support organization



Internal support
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How Slack changed the way we work by putting the customer experience first

Experts weigh in on tomorrow’s best CX practices

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Keep video gamers happy with these 4 customer service tools

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How MoviePass radically changed the movie theater customer experience

Fairness in the customer relationship

Employee Satisfaction Survey Guide

Meet Zendesk Explore – Americas

Meet Zendesk Explore – Asia Pacific

Meet Zendesk Explore – Europe

Enterprise Benchmark: Comparing your customer service against other enterprises

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Evolving trends in self-service: creating the best experience for agents and customers

Forrester: Assess Customer Service Capabilities To Pinpoint Opportunities For Better Service

Your guide to omnichannel support

13 ways to be a customer-driven company

Top 10 help desk metrics

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Beyond cookie butter: the secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience


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