Spotlight: Jump into messaging with WhatsApp for Zendesk – Europe

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With billions of people in over 180 countries around the world using WhatsApp, it has become one of the most prevalent messaging apps. Messaging has become the dominant way consumers communicate and it’s no surprise that this is how they expect to interact with businesses as well. And as consumer preferences evolve over time, businesses need to ensure their support teams are empowered to seamlessly serve customers from within a unified tool, regardless of channel.

With our most recent solution – WhatsApp for Zendesk Support – businesses like yours can easily reach over 1.5B users over WhatsApp to provide fast, responsive support using a single and familiar tool, Zendesk.

If you’re looking to understand how WhatsApp for Zendesk Support enables your customer support agents to easily manage conversations that come in through WhatsApp in one, centralized location within Zendesk, join Polomi Batra, Senior Product Marketing Manager and Pascal Pettinicchio, Senior Director of Technical Alliances, as they provide an overview of our latest solution.

Watch our Spotlight webinar where we discuss:
● How to engage with customers over WhatsApp quickly with your existing workflows in Zendesk Support
● How to empower your support to manage and scale conversations coming in from WhatsApp
● Getting started with WhatsApp for Zendesk Support for your business

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Polomi Batra

Polomi Batra is a Product Marketing Manager for Zendesk Chat. Her team builds products to connect with customers in a fast and responsive way.

Pascal Pettinicchio

Pascal Pettinicchio is a Senior Director of Technical Alliances for Zendesk. He leads partnerships with conversational partners and messaging channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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