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Real-time automated support ticket tagging and sentiment analysis.

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Companies like Gousto, Blackcircles, and James Villas are using SentiSum for its accurate, AI-enabled, and real-time topic tagging, sentiment analysis, and ticket categorization across all their voice of the customer (VOC) channels to gather granular insights and delight their customers.

Key Features:

  • Automatic tagging
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Categorization of tickets
  • Real-time reporting
  • Auto-prioritization & routing
  • Speech analytics
  • Survey analytics
  • Voice call analysis and summaries
  • Bespoke solution
  • Quick set up & easy to use

Key Benefits:

Make faster CX decision

  • SentiSum automatically tags your Zendesk support tickets so you don’t have to worry about incorrect tags
  • Its AI analyzes customer sentiment and intent for higher accuracy Zendesk ticket tagging
  • SentiSum goes one step deeper to get you root-cause insights

Improve your customer lifetime value

  • Using a powerful machine learning engine, SentiSum tells you exactly when a customer is at risk of churn
  • SentiSum intelligently prioritizes Zendesk support tickets enabling you to reduce your first-response time
  • It’s powerful ‘reason for contact’ Zendesk ticket tagging automatically creates alerts for important, urgent, or potentially harmful Zendesk support queries

Turn your angry customers into loyal ones

  • SentiSum monitors every customer review and social comment in real-time and automatically creates support tickets
  • It brings all your channels under the same roof - from Facebook through Trustpilot
  • SentiSum’s auto-detection enables you to attend to angry customers quickly and ensures that no customer is left unhappy

Create a single source of truth for everyone on your team

  • SentiSum gets your entire team on the same page with an easy to use dashboard for everyone
  • It integrates seamlessly with 1000s of providers so you never have to switch between tabs
  • SentiSum is easy to set up and simple to use, amplifying the voice of your customer across your organization

Our customers love us. So will you.

We know your team has unique goals and challenges, so will get a personalized AI custom built to your requirement.

And we don’t stop there, our Customer Success team continues to work with you, catering to newer needs as your business grows.

'It's easy to set up and the insights are accurate. Every team has started using customer conversation insights!' Joe Quinlivan, Director of Customer Service, Gousto

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