AlphaChat Conversational AI

Natural Language Understanding chatbots for support automation

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Benefits of AlphaChat:

  • Increase self-service rates in customer support (an average of 65%).

  • Reduce human agent workload.

  • Satisfied customers through 24/7 personalized support.

What you get:

  • Natural Language Understanding bot in any European language, Russian or Arabic.

  • No code training environment for the bot.

  • Detailed statistics on ROI (costs saved), bot deflection rate, customer satisfaction by topic.

  • AI suggests training data improvement through ReTrain and Intent Overlap modules.

  • Train the bot conveniently from user messages with one click.

We are different because with us you can:

  • Build intent detecting bots with pre-trained customer service FAQs on our self-service NLU platform.

  • Launch bot in minutes and deflect 65% of inquiries.

  • No need for expensive consultants or long pilots.


  • €399/month to build and have a full Natural Language Understanding bot.

  • One bot can chat in multiple languages so it will only use 1 Enterprise Suite license.

  • €399/month includes up to 3,000 chats/month. After that €0.03/chat.

  • We offer setting up your bot, importing existing bot and connecting it to Zendesk as one-time onboarding fee from €399.

Standard package comes with all the necessary features to get started. 10-day free trial for all Standard features. Sign-up here to get started Enterprise package includes:

  • Authentication of users

  • SLA, SSO, APIs

  • APIs

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • AlphaOS for your developers to write custom code into the bot and connections to your CRM/backend.

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