Email Tracking

Notice if and when customers open your emails.

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Zendesk Email Tracking app

"Did the client open my email?" You will never have to ask that question again with read receipts from Email Tracking.

The addon has unique options you won't find in any similar app for Zendesk. Tailor it to your needs, track emails, links and even replies. Email Tracking is a real money saver as you can manage your subscription in a few clicks and reduce costs for specific agents even for one day of downtime. Pay for actual usage, not for agent count!

Email Tracking Exclusive Features

See which clients are active email users and what fuels their engagement. Email Tracking for Zendesk Support is an application that offers tracking the exact time each email was opened.

Email Tracking Introduction

With the app, you can:

  • View read receipts with accurate information on when the emails or links were opened
  • Disable tracking for specific users, tickets, organizations (NEW!)
  • Get automated updates of internal custom fields when the client opens the email or you get a reply
  • Add ‘unseen’ and ‘seen’ tags to tickets to create separate views for identifying problem tickets
  • Analyze email performance with detailed and downloadable reports
  • Use a wide number of app's settings to meet your needs
  • Manage access from the app

Read Receipt

Enjoy automated Zendesk email tracking

Email Tracking does all the job for you! After you set up the application, just sit back, and analyze the data. See who you should give a call to prevent any issues or identify solid leads for your further follow-ups. Moreover, the tracking is available from Agent Workspace!

Track link openings

Now you can track what links were opened by recipients using an exclusive option available only in our email tracker app for Zendesk.


Select as many links as you need to follow and receive one more internal note with the one that was monitored. Also, check out the link statistics and compare agents' performance.

Link Tracks Report

Disable tracking for specific tickets, users, organizations

Put a checkmark or add the tag to turn off tracking if your client asked about that.

Disable Tracking

Additional ticket organization

Everything made so that you don’t even have to enter the ticket to know if it’s been seen or not! Email Tracking creates a custom field and a tag with ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ values. So, you can simply create separate views for read and unread tickets and build business rules (triggers and automations) to work with your customers’ information more accurately.

Seen Unseen

Real-time notifications

As soon as an email is opened, Email Tracking updates a custom field connected to the ticket and adds a note with corresponding information. With push notifications enabled, you’ll be informed at the same second your email was opened.

Analyze performance in detail

Get a better understanding of how your replies perform with in-depth performance reports. For example, see what macros work better, what types of email users react to the most and check the overall bounce and open rates across the company, one or several agents at a time.


See full history of email opens

With Email Tracking, you are able to retain and see the whole ticket opens history, as the plugin tracks each time your emails were opened by the recipient. Follow the way how, when, and after which message the ticket was opened. The sidebar also shows if the ticket was read via desktop of mobile device, so it's even easier to optimize the messages now.


Send replies at the best times

Based on the open and reply rates, the plugin will suggest the best time for your agents to reach out to the customer directly in the ticket menu.

Comply with GDPR and CCPA

Click a single toggle, and Email Tracking will not track email opens for recipients who live in the European Union or California to comply with GDPR.

Set app restrictions for agents

You can differentiate the access of each agent using our new feature - Access Control Management. Agents can access the app's features entirely or partially.

Access control

Stay under cover

If you’re worried about how you can know for a fact that all opens are tracked correctly, you should not. When you log into your agent panel and start working with tickets, we automatically hide your IP address. You can also add more IP addresses to the blacklist so that you get 100% accurate Zendesk tracking.

Transparent and Flat fee mail tracker

Simple and clear price with no hidden additional obligations, payments, or other tricks.

One-click install

Provide Email Tracking with the access to your Zendesk account in just one click without filling out any additional forms.

Friendly support

Feel free to ask for friendly assistance anytime!

Do you want to receive desktop notifications? If so, go ahead and test the app! Leave a review to share your experience with us!

Free for testing

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