Easy QA, coaching, workflows, and reporting for your agents


Inspiring customer support teams to greater heights with effective performance guidance powered by AI and gamification. You can feel safe with us — we don’t store your customers’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

What would happen to your business if the 'forgotten' 80% of your customer support workforce were coached to perform more like the top percentile achievers? You could conquer the world! The possibilities would be endless. Not to mention improved job satisfaction, employee morale and better employee retention.

We are fully integrated into Zendesk and offer you an out-the-box solution. You just need to plug and play and, with access to real-time data, you can ditch the spreadsheets and easily monitor, track, and guide team and individual performance. Here’s what you get in a nutshell:

  • A quantified performance management platform rather than just improved quality assurance.
  • Upgraded QA, where you don’t just analyze the quality, but also coach it.
  • Agent and Team Scorecards that offer more than 50 real-time metrics to monitor, analyze, and compare performance.
  • Automated monitoring and tracking of team performance (you get Alerts, our real-time notifications)
  • Ability to pinpoint coachable moments and provide timely actionable guidance, feedback and advice to your agents.
  • Continuous performance improvement support aka coaching on autopilot to align internal KPIs better and map achievement and progression while providing context around targets.

We’ve helped our customers:


Improved performance management allows you the opportunity to empower your agents to improve their skills. You can set achievable missions and weekly goals to guide and coach your agents towards better performance.

Kaizo allows agents to actively participate in their development process in the agent training center where they can track their performance and get guidance from their team leaders. To help build excitement and elevate your team's engagement, even while working remotely, each mission successfully completed lets them level up their personal avatar.

Reach your goals and level up to the ninja warrior you were born to be, so come on, step into our village and inspire your customer support teams to reach their true potential. trusted-by

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“Before Kaizo, we never had a strong enough performance management system in place. We used Excel for everything. Our systems weren't connected. ” — Noreen McDaid, Customer Service Manager at Endclothing.

“We’ve scaled our QA process from rating 3-5 tickets each week per agent to reviewing more than 5,000 conversations every month” - Melanie Lange, Head of Customer Communications Operations Excellence at Marley Spoon

“We increased our output by 30% in just a few months and since using the in-game points as a benchmark, we have cut our first reply time by 50% and our customers have thanked us for it.” - Dani Healy – Customer Happiness Manager at Credit Repair Cloud

Read more on how Kaizo helps companies reinvent their performance journey here!

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