Conversational AI and Automation

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DeepConverse : Conversational AI and Automation

Help customers resolve questions with AI driven answers, handle complex issues with guided troubleshooting and seamlessly escalate conversations to support agents to bring efficiency to your support workflows.

With DeepConverse you can scale your support operations while maintaining a high level of efficiency and quality. DeepConverse platform provides the following capabilities that help teams deliver a holistic support experience in Zendesk.


Provide a conversational experience for your customers. Answer questions and guide them through workflows to resolve issues and complete tasks. Use automations to reduce common requests and let customers self-serve. Works seamlessly with Zendesk Sunshine Conversations to deploy on multiple channels.

AI Answer Engine

Use existing knowledge and content to provide answers to common questions. Answer engine uses Generative AI to give conversational responses keeping the customers engaged.

Automation Builder

Build low code automations and integrate with systems like Shopify, DigitalRiver etc. to handle workflows like return automation, warranty lookups, product information and many more.

Guided Troubleshooting

Guide customers through step by step troubleshooting. Our AI will help customers get to solutions with minimal effort

Live Chat and Ticketing

Handoff conversations to Zendesk agents with the customer's journey and provide context to help them take the next steps efficiently. Provide sentiment, troubleshooting steps, answers provided and other relevant information to support agents.

Ticket Automation

Augment tickets to reduce agent work and provide AI driven insights for them to handle the tickets more efficiently. Triage and extract common fields like contact reason, urgency, retailer and many more from the tickets.

Email Automation

DeepConverse can auto respond to customers using your macros, knowledge articles and even custom workflows giving you an opportunity to automate the first response to your customers.

Get in touch with us today to learn how you can unlock maximum efficiency using AI and Automation, while delivering an enhanced customer experience on your website. Visit DeepConverse to learn more.


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