Build automated conversational AI that easily integrates with Zendesk.

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Snaps services enterprise eCommerce brands who have a need to enable 1:1 messaging in digital channels, and are investing heavily in customer experience in response to a growing eCommerce business.

A Flexible, Powerful Platform That’s Easy To Use

Snaps is a flexible platform that can adapt to the rapidly evolving artificial intelligence ecosystem, incorporating best-in-class NLU solutions and providing an easy-to-use experience on top. As your dedicated conversational automation platform, you can easily integrate with your existing Zendesk instance while seamlessly deploying on new messaging channels. In addition to Zendesk, Snaps allows you to incorporate a range of different software solutions into your experience, enabling your customers to look up order information, browse product catalogs, and get answers from your knowledge base all within an automated chat experience.

Intelligent AI Powered Conversations For eCommerce Businesses

Leverage features like proactive engagements, conditional responses, user profiles and intelligent agent handoff to build a truly personalized experience for every customer and route them to your most efficient channel, increasing key metrics like CSAT, conversion to sale, LTV and agent efficiency.

Actionable Insights For Every Team and Role Get reporting and insights that are actionable for CX, customer service, marketing and eCommerce teams. Our real-time reporting helps you understand opportunities and challenges with your automation in minutes instead of months. Leverage features like sentiment analysis, keyword intents, real-time transcripts and more to dive deep into issues and understand what’s happening in your business. Gather aggregate insights to inform marketing, product and business decisions in other areas of the organization.

Support From Award Winning Automation Experts

Conversational automation is complex, with Snaps you can get help when and where you need it. Our customer success team will collaborate closely with your internal teams to strengthen your strategy, integration, conversational design and ongoing optimization work.


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