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Playvox WFM for Zendesk delivers a powerfully simple way to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, while simplifying forecasting, scheduling, and reporting. With real-time views of planned versus actual for all your channels, including calls, emails, chats, social, and tickets, you can understand your operations in a way not possible before. Track real-time adherence and occupancy everywhere and get intraday insights, plus an interactive dashboard, to help you master your operational KPIs. Zendesk is not only a partner, but also a customer; using Playvox WFM internally to manage their own global support operation.

With Playvox, gain the visibility you need and deserve. No matter what today brings, our real-time forecasting helps you adjust and stay on track. Playvox provides a simple, interactive dashboard that covers the KPIs you need to master planning and performance including shrinkage, adherence, workstreams, occupancy, service levels, and forecast accuracy. Many out-of-the-box reports assist you in running your contact center more efficiently.

Reduce costs by automating forecasting and scheduling efforts that are done in excel or other subpar systems. With Playvox, real-time data and self-adjusting/ self-learning AI lets you continuously improve forecast accuracy, so you only schedule the staff needed.

Create better customer outcomes with a real-time view of planned vs actual for every location and work type to communicate with your customers on the channels they prefer.

Playvox WFM moves at the speed of your business, elevating capacity planning from a one-and-done silo to an integrated and dynamic solution that evolves with changing hiring conditions. With Playvox WFM, there is no need to upload information manually. Instead, the solution pulls historical volumes from the system. The information is color coded for easy interpretation, allowing you to see the results for differing scenarios. You also have the ability to easily share the plan with different collaborators, which offers the ability to create differing scenarios to better prepare for the future.

Playvox WFM integrates out-of-the-box with all Zendesk channels including Talk, Chat, Messaging, and Support, in addition to other complementary CCaaS solutions, to provide real-time access to adherence, handle time, and occupancy data. Playvox's custom built app for Zendesk allows agents to engage with Playvox in the same Zendesk interface they're used to.


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