This app integrates Zendesk Support Suite with AutomationEdge RPA platform.

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AutomationEdge is a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product that provides solutions to automate Service Desk tickets, IT & Business Processes. Repetitive mundane tasks, service requests, and incidents present in Zendesk can be performed, fulfilled, and resolved using AutomationEdge.

AutomationEdge comes bundled with a rich library of automation for common use cases such as -

  1. Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding: Creation/deletion of domain user and email address, add/modify distribution list, etc.

  2. Access management: Grant/revoke access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce, etc.

  3. Ticket Classification: Classify and assign the appropriate group/queue of the ticket present in the Zendesk using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

  4. Incident Resolution: Server restart, Service restart, disk clean-up, Password Reset, etc.

  5. Periodic backup of the database, file server, event monitoring and health checks, virtual machine management, auto-remediation of incidents, etc.

AutomationEdge for Zendesk is an integration adapter. Zendesk acts as a 24x7 service storefront where end-users get the benefit of almost instantaneous resolution of their requests without the overhead of manual IT efforts.

Why AutomationEdge?

  1. No coding required, quickly develop, and deploy workflows for repetitive tasks.

  2. Almost instantaneous response to business user requests.

  3. Ability to choose from various technologies to interact with the target application.

  4. Cost reduction in running high volume tasks.

  5. Shortens the time to resolve incidents and fulfill requests, resulting in high productivity gain for business users.

  6. Eliminating errors while reducing Turn Around Time (TAT).


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