Broadsoft CTI by gUnify

Allows users to capture phone call data into Zendesk tickets via comments

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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see ).

The Broadsoft CTI Connector by gUnify is a cloud-based solution for Zendesk users whose hosted VOIP provider runs on the BroadWorks platform. The application automatically creates cases, logs all incoming and outgoing call data, captures the user's call notes, and records this information in Zendesk tickets as comments.

The app is a Google Chrome browser extension that allows users to click-to-dial any number appearing in a Google Chrome browser and connects the call through their VoIP service provider.

  • Click to Call: Click-to-dial any number appearing in a Google Chrome browser and connect the call through the VoIP service provider.
  • Automated Call Logging: Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls from VoIP service provider to Zendesk when the caller id or clicked number is matched to either a Zendesk contact.
  • Incoming/Outbound Screen Pop: Incoming screen pop with answer or decline and send to voicemail options. Call in progress screen pop with end call or open call log window options. Missed call screen pop with call back or call back and open call log window options.
  • Quick Add Cases and People to Zendesk: Unrecognized numbers can be added to new or existing tickets from the call log window.
  • Call Tagging and Note Taking: Easy to use call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls, recorded in Zendesk ticket comments.

Check out a video of the integration in action.


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