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Gamifier is Zendesk's newest gamification tool and is a Top 3 downloaded CRM tool on HubSpot and PipeDrive.

How about getting your team more engaged and motivated with just one tool?

Gamifier can help to promote a more productive environment because it encourages a culture of proactivity among workers, basically through turning boring routine tasks (they already have) into fun activities.

By integrating with Zendesk, Gamifier uses several game elements to punctuate and reward actions completed in the app, as well as a leaderboard and timeline to create healthy competition, motivating team members to get their work done faster and better.

The manager also takes benefit out of data analytics, which helps to measure how productive their team is and take actions about it, skipping guesswork! We offer a magic way to analyze 100+ metrics quickly via our Productivity Score and you can configure indicators to Spotlight your agents.

Feature Highlights

  • Gamification for your entire organization Gamifier allows you and your team to create fun and healthy competition for all your various business units that use Zendesk.
  • Goals, Quests, Challenges, Competition, Collaboration and more Gamifier uses various mechanics to engage your teams. By introducing themes of goals we encourage your team to hit any goal you put in front of them. Challenges to spur competition and role journeys via Quests.
  • Better Data Visualization Charts for managers to see their team's performance, both individually and of the entire team. They provide data about speed, quality, and dependability of the actions inside Zendesk and can be shown within any time period.
  • Incentives from virtual to real life Using Coins, you can recognize the best practices in your team so they can exchange for real products or services in our Reward Store.

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