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Interact with the largest blind and low-vision community in the world

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With a Be My Eyes integration, your company can interact with the largest blind and low-vision community in the world.

Be My Eyes is a free iOS and Android app made up of a global community that connects 500,000+ blind or low-vision with 6.5M sighted volunteers and company agents through a live video call.

Be My Eyes is a one-way video, two-way audio support channel that allows your agents to see through the rear-facing camera of a customer’s mobile device, to help them resolve visually challenging issues in a remote support environment.

Pave the Way for Accessibility
With the integration, your company profile will be listed in the Be My Eyes app. The placement of your brand within app is a unique, inclusion and accessibility initiative that positions you as a leader in the disability support space.

Leading global companies currently use Be My Eyes for accessible support, including Microsoft, Google, Sony, Procter & Gamble, as well as many of the largest blindness nonprofits in the world.

Use cases
The app is perfect for supporting customer interactions that require visual guidance, including:

  • Website navigation and purchasing support
  • Confirming a product was delivered correctly
  • Reading important documents
  • Identifying accessibility issues with existing products or gaining usability insights
  • Setting up or troubleshooting equipment and technology
  • Selecting products or services online or in-person, including clothing, consumer goods, kitchenware and tech
  • Travel booking and in-room navigation at hotels or rental properties
  • Prescription and medical device identification

How Does it Work?
If a customer needs sighted assistance from your support team, they'll locate your profile in the Specialized Help menu in the Be My Eyes app and place a video call to your organization.
Your agent(s) will then be notified in Zendesk of an incoming Be My Eyes call.
Upon answering the call, a ticket will be automatically created with the details of the call.
The support agent will be connected to the customer through a one-way video and two-way audio connection meaning that both parties can hear and talk to each other, but only the agent will have access to the camera feed from the caller.
We have added features such as Snapshot and Flashlight to equip you with the tools to provide the best possible support.

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