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Complit AS is a Norwegian IT Company. We specialize in Cloud Based Technology. We have been a Zendesk partner for five years and we use Zendesk daily. With hands on experience with Zendesk, we can help you out with all aspects of the Zendesk journey. We offer features like Norwegian Chatbot fully integrated with Zendesk Chat, in-house developers and experienced consultants. Press contact us or visit our website – We will help your company excel at customer experience.

Why Digital Customer Service is Important

Today's customers place great demands on Customer Service in the form of availability and response. Good Digital Solutions for your Customer Service Center are a prerequisite for Companies that want to provide Professional Customer Service.

Complit assists both with the Choice of Solution, implementation and adoption. We help companies' structure and further develop existing solutions. We assist throughout the process and take responsibility for project execution, consulting and Technical Implementation. Our goal is to make our customers equipped with the best Digital Customer Service Tools. As a result, we enable our customers to give their customers good customer experience every day.


We are the only certified Zendesk Master Partner in Norway. We help customers with all types of pain points and needs in the Zendesk area. We have extensive experience in using the solution in various layouts. We assist both new customers with the initial implementation, and we assist clients who have run the solution for some time with restructuring and optimization. Are you interested in what we can do for your business? Press “Contact us” to book a virtual coffee meeting.


Chatbots automate parts of the customer dialogue and is a very cost-effective way to answer FAQ. With innovative chatbot solutions, one can reduce costs associated with trivial inquiries. While enabling employees at the service desk to spend more time on inquiries that require human interaction.

The chatbot solution allows for seamless integration between automated chat and serviced chat. As a result, the chatbot can send conversations to a serviced chat operator when desired. We work with leading suppliers of chatbot-technology and can deliver chatbots with full Zendesk integration and support for Norwegian language.

Voice of the Customer solutions

Customer feedback is important for all businesses. By collecting customer feedback both at set times and triggered by interactions with customers. You can achieve a broader understanding of how customers perceive the interaction with your company. Furthermore, you learn how you can improve your customer service.

A follow-up of individual feedback takes place via integration between a Feedback Management Solution and a Ticket Solution. As a result, all actions triggered by a feedback are handled in a structured manner. Reporting on customer feedback can be done through online dashboards or static reports sent out at scheduled times. We work with leading providers of Feedback Management Solutions and offer Voice of the Customer Solutions for most needs.


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