Netomi is the first continuous-learning AI platform for customer service - enabling enterprises to securely automate ticket resolution, boost agent productivity and provide a world-class customer experience.

Netomi is the first AI platform for customer service that allows businesses to activate, manage, and train AI to automate tickets, enhance agent productivity and provide a world-class customer experience. It's a channel-agnostic platform that multiples a company's workforce by giving valuable time back to support agents, and delights their customers with faster resolutions.

With the Netomi platform you can:

Build a workforce multiplier, the smart way

  • Automate up to 50% or more of incoming tickets, while augmenting the remaining issues
  • Give time back to customers and agents so they can focus on more meaningful work
  • Get smarter and more attuned with your customers as your AI keeps learning
  • Deliver consistent resolutions across your customer base

Listen and resolve — don’t merely respond

  • Earn your customers’ trust with respectful, friendly interactions through an AI platform that “listens” with NLU
  • Resolve general and account-specific inquiries (take repetitive and expensive tickets away from agent’s daily workload)

Conveniently engage your customers where they are active (email, social, chat)

  • Respond immediately with 24/7 availability on channels that matter
  • Speed up resolution time with AI that assists agents

Identify issues even before your customers do

  • Anticipate issues by connecting your data and systems and identifying event abnormalities
  • Contact your customers before they even reach out with notifications
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