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Berlin / New York / San Francisco, Germany | 655 個專案 | 2 項認證
We are a team of ex-Zendesk employees (consultants and developers), focussing on custom data migrations, implementations, development of Zendesk apps and solutions based on the new Zendesk Sunshine framework. With 10 years of experience with the platform and over 650 projects under our belt, we can help you with anything related to Zendesk.

We are a team of consultants and developers who worked for Zendesk between 2010 and 2012. As certified senior consultants we know our way around the platform in and out, maintaining our relationship with Zendesk and keeping the fast and agile startup spirit alive, even now that we are not anymore directly employed by Zendesk.

Services we offer related to Zendesk

  • Custom Data migrations from 24 different source systems to Zendesk
  • Everything related to the new Sunshine platform
  • Help Center designs and customizations
  • Development of Apps to integrate and extend your Zendesks functionality
  • Project implementations and trainings
  • General Zendesk Consulting and health checks

With over 650 successful projects done, we are one of the first and oldest Zendesk partners with the unique advantage of having worked at Zendesk as employees and still maintaining the direct relationships with our ex collegues.

Get a quote. We're happy to jump on a quick call anytime to talk about to implement your Zendesk, how to improve your already existing Zendesk account, or how to do your data migration.

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