Simon Celen

Diest, Belgium | 100 個專案
Zendesk developer based in Belgium, specialized in Guide Help Center customization and Zendesk API work.

As an expert in Zendesk Guide Help Center design & development I have worked with companies including, ITV,,,,,,, etc.

Guide Help Center Theme development

Zendesk Guide is a great asset in getting your customers the help and service they need. The information you present on your Guide Help Center is unique to your company. As such, it is important to tailor your Guide Help Center to your information structure, rather than the other way around.

I can help with:

  • customizing the look & feel of your Guide Help Center to match your branding, even making it look like an integral part of your website
  • implementing custom functionality that is not possible with the stock theme. This through advanced CSS and Javascript, possibly incorporating data from the Zendesk API or other remote sources
  • migrating content to/from another Help Center or knowledge base, migrating in Multibrand setups, content backup, etc.

Gather Community development

Zendesk Gather allows you to engage with your customers directly, enable them to get help, share ideas, and provide feedback.

I can help with:

  • setup and integration with your Guide
  • implementing custom features like multilingual topics, topic nesting, gamification, etc.

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