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Professional translation scaled by technology and enhanced by human experts is a leader in the market for professional human translations and localization since 2011 with the headquarter in Newark, USA.


  • Instant machine translation for incoming and outgoing tickets in 90 languages.
  • Professional human translation in 60 languages.
  • Glossary & Translation memory.
  • Order details and status tracking.
  • Enable Macros & Zendesk Support Triggers.
  • Automated response delivery.
  • Professional proofread included.
  • Unlimited seats per account.
  • Management of customer support manager's rights, depending on access (Parent & child account).
  • All client’s data is encrypted and handled securely.


  • has been providing translation services since 2011 and has 25,000 professional translators on the team.
  • Take advantage of the combination of instant machine translation and professional human translation.
  • Instant translation for incoming tickets in 90 languages. And a quick reply with machine translation. Those will save time for your customer support managers.
  • The most appropriate tone of voice and dialect thanks to professional translators worldwide.
  • Flexible subscription plans. Pay as you go, or choose the most suitable subscription.
  • Improve CSAT and NPS by speaking in customers’ native language.
  • Option to eliminate customer-sensitive or private data to respect client’s privacy.

How it works

An agent receives a ticket automatically translated from the customer's language to the native agent’s language. Agent responds via Internal Note in the native language using #translate keyword. This reply is sent to the system and distributed among translators. There is no need to switch between tabs and translate the client's request. This means that you can focus on providing quality customer support. When the ticket is completed, we will forward it to your client. Every human translation ticket passes through three steps: 1. automatic machine translation 2. post-machine editing by a native human translator 3. review by a qualified professional editor

Facts and numbers

  • Over 100,000 translations completed by over 17,000 professional translators.
  • 11 years of experience.
  • 60% the average increased numbers of supported languages.
  • 75% average CSAT increase after starting multilingual support.

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