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Engage Hub’s AI-powered Agent uses our native Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, with deep real-time integrations, to not only understand but resolve your customer’s queries – deflecting calls and freeing agents to deal with more complex queries.

When a customer needs to speak to a live agent, Engage Hub’s AI-powered Agent will seamlessly transition the conversation directly to a live agent using your existing Zendesk solution. The agent handover includes a transcript of the entire conversation, along with details such as verification confirmation or account-specific information so there’s no frustrating repetition – and the issue can be resolved quickly while reducing call duration.

What is more the Engage Hub’s AI Agent is truly cross-channel meaning we enable clients to support cross-channel recognition. What does this mean? Your chatbot can recognise your customers past interactions and queries ensuring they have a seamless and secure experience. As customers move from one channel to the next during their lifecycle they are instantly recognised and their query can be picked up without any repetition.

Just a few benefits of incorporating AI agents into your customer service strategy:

• Seamless agent handover

• 24/7 customer support

• Automate first-line support

• Empower customers to self-serve

• Go beyond FAQ's

• Personalise every interaction

• One Chatbot, many channels

• Deflect calls and save cost

Engage Hub’s Customer Journey Tracker supports your digital self-serve strategy by enabling you to map, visualise and optimise every agent interaction in real-time. You can then analyse which touchpoints and channels are working most effectively, pre-empt issues and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience across both virtual and live agents.

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