Automate tagging of Zendesk support chat and tickets.

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Automate the process of tagging chat and tickets, save valuable team time, and get deeper, actionable customer insights with Thematic.

Say goodbye to manual tagging * Thematic automatically categorizes your chat and tickets so you don't have to * Thematic uses AI to tag themes, sentiment, and intent for superior accuracy * There’s no training or manual coding, enabling you to discover the full picture. * Existing and emerging specific themes are uncovered effortlessly, from what customers say.

Identify exact points and opportunities in near real-time * With Thematic, comments, and chat are individually tagged and aggregated to identify the top issues coming through to agents. See issues most mentioned and with the biggest effect on metrics. * An easy-to-use platform that simplifies and accelerates how you get insights from your support chat. * Discover emerging themes as they happen and share alerts on issues before they affect many customers and overwhelm your agents. * Leverage intuitive reporting tools specifically designed to quickly uncover issues, answer questions, and monitor the impact of initiatives.

Analyze all your customer feedback in one place * Thematic isn’t just for Zendesk. Seamlessly connect and aggregate all feedback sources including chat, reviews, VOC feedback, and more for a clear, coherent summary of priorities. * Easily see what issues are coming up in Zendesk vs other channels.

Secure and private, as it should be * Thematic is SOC2 Type II compliant. so you can be confident your data is private, secure, with the right controls in place. * Your customer PII data can be automatically redacted and tidied with Thematic for clean, compliant analysis * Thematic is built on modern cloud infrastructure, using world-class vendors like AWS, to store data in specific server regions.

Built to be flexible, to automate all the time-consuming tasks * Effortlessly manage and refine the structure of your tagged themes to align feedback themes with what’s useful for your team and business. * You can edit, delete and merge tagged themes in minutes. Book a personalized free trial on your tickets today.


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