Ticket Translation by TextUnited

Free instant two-way ticket translation, native to your Zendesk dashboard.

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Ticket Translation by TextUnited

TextUnited's Zendesk support ticket translation plugin provides you with the simplest way to satisfy your foreign-language leads with quality multilingual support in over 170 languages.

It's easy to install, and once you're set up, you'll be engaging with your customers around the globe with ease.

Key Features

Instant two-way translation Translations of incoming and outgoing messages without delay using Machine Translation.

One-click language recognition Click to automatically detect the language of each ticket that arrives before you translate.

Intuitive UI/UX Designed for instantaneous usability, everything takes place via the internal notes or the sidebar app.

Free to use Install the app from the Zendesk Marketplace and with our free account, you can begin translating for nothing. If you’re using our free account with Machine Translation, you’re limited to 1000 free words per month, so if you are translating a lot of support tickets, you may need to purchase additional word packages.

Translation methods Choose whether to translate your tickets instantly with full machine translation or opt for machine translation + human review by your team or TextUnited's translators.

Translation memory All of your translations are saved and can be reused again, with any human translations permanently improving your machine translations over time.

Multilingual Customer Experience

Your customers' experience their journey with you from a wide range of different geographical locations and in an array of native languages. Each of those customer journeys are valuable so maintaining strong customer relations is essential.

A strong Multilingual Customer Experience (MCX) strategy facilitates accurate and authentic engagement with your customers, no matter where they live or the language they speak.

When a problem arises and a customer seeks help, being able to simply and effectively engage with your agents accurately expedites resolutions and acts as a huge multiplier for customer retention.


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