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Available only to agents with “Talk - Partner Edition” seats (see zendesk.com/talk/pricing ).

Miralix Contact Center integration for Zendesk

Miralix ContactCenter integration for Zendesk can be used by companies, who combine the use of Zendesk with receiving and handling calls through Miralix’ ContactCenter solution.

The integration works by setting up automatic processes in Miralix ContactCenter, which makes it faster to handle customer contact and give great service – thus benefitting both the company using the integration as well as the end-users.

When a ContactCenter agent or Switchboard operator is offered a call, Miralix ContactCenter integration for Zendesk can look up tickets connected to the caller’s phone number or create a new ticket with a caller’s phone number. You decide if the integration should do this automatically or if you prefer it to be a manual task – it depends on your configuration.

You can even combine the two options, so the integration automatically looks up the caller and gives you the chance to create a ticket manually.

Through Miralix, you can also import data from a call to Zendesk. For instance, you can import which Miralix queue the call was received through if you use a statistic/analytic integration to Zendesk and need statistical data about each of your tickets.

As part of the option to create a ticket, Miralix’ ContactCenter integration for Zendesk makes it possible to change the text in the ticket. This way you can have different tickets for different departments. Furthermore, it gives you the option of adding comments.

Once the ticket has been created, it can be assigned to an agent or a group of agents with a Zendesk license.

Miralix Contact Center integration for Zendesk looks up the end-user’s phone number in Zendesk and Miralix. If the phone number is registered in both Zendesk and Miralix, the integration will only use the end-user information from Zendesk.

For the integration to work, you need a Miralix ContactCenter solution and a User Access License, as well as either a Miralix Attendant Console license or an OfficeClient Agent license.

About Miralix

The integration was developed by Miralix, which offers intelligent customer contact management and has +23 years of experience with dedicated, operator-independent ContactCenter solutions.

We develop all our software in-house, we are a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner and have Bisnode’s highest creditworthiness score (AAA).


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