Create and run ticket-based workflow processes inside Zendesk

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Flowset is a workflow processes app from the Cloudset family of extension products for Zendesk.

Design and embed processes that guide agents through sophisticated workflows using Cloudset's unique Visible Workflow approach.

Revolutionizes the way you configure Zendesk, and agents process tickets because ticketing and business processes are made visible and interactive to agents.

Diagrammatically model your workflow processes and directly configure activity properties and transitions to implement controlled actions. The richness of modeling includes:

  • Multiple start points
  • Linear activity sequences
  • Multi-path activity splits and joins
  • Parallel activities as sub-tickets
  • Combining parallel and sequential activities
  • Decompose activities into sub-activities
  • Checklist tasks within activities

With the agent Workflow Assistant see where you currently are in the workflow process, what is needed to complete this activity, and in doing so, where can or does this ticket go next.

Workflow interactive conditions and actions reimagine trigger conditions to make them interactive in the agent experience and process-centric.

Workflow macros allow applying the right macro at the right time in the workflow processes. Save time in finding, ensure accuracy, and promote consistency.

Workflow enactment permissions enable you to choose the right level of locking down the workflow process, while also supporting all agent’s involvement via private comments.

The benefits of the Flowset include:

  • Reduction in Agent Handling Time and agent onboarding time
  • Improve accuracy
  • Implement control and guide at the point-of-need
  • Reduction in configuration set-up and maintenance
  • Support a wide range of use, spanning trouble tickets and business tasks
  • Seamlessly integrate into the Zendesk UX and UI

A Cloudset Framework account is created for all new customers, providing a hub for all Cloudset purchased apps, enabling access to Zendesk Guide integration services, and billing management.

Note: The Cloudset Framework, specifically the configuration tools, require API access to your Zendesk, via Zendesk’s secure OAuth mechanism. Revocable at any time from the Zendesk admin account, used to install the app, user security setting.


Free 30-day trial, then $14.00 per agent, per month






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