Domotz is the Network Monitoring and Management software for MSPs and IT Pro

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Monitoring remote networks? Simplify your team's customer support process with the Zendesk Support and Domotz integration. Automatically create tickets when an issue happens with any network or critical device you are monitoring. Domotz also updates your Zendesk tickets in real-time, depending on the status of the issue.

Domotz is the plug & play and super affordable ($19/month per network - unlimited devices) remote network monitoring software that’s used by thousands of IT professionals and MSPs around the world.

Monitor everything on your networks Use Domotz to monitor and manage every connected device and IoT system on your client networks: IP cameras, POS systems, digital signage, network infrastructure, VoIP systems, switches/access points (Meraki, Cisco, Ubiquiti, Juniper, HPE and many others), environmental parameters (such as server room temperature monitoring) and more.

Packed with features for MSPs, TSPs and IT Professionals Automated network topology mapping, SNMP/TCP service monitoring, automated device inventory for client onboarding, remote power control, Network Device Configuration Management, Configuration Fils backup and versioning, Remote Power Control, Remote Access, VPN on Demand, alerts, reporting, WAN performance, IP camera monitoring and many more network management features for your company.

Packed with many other integrations Microsoft Teams, Slack, Telegram, Google Sheets, Zapier and many more. Available with a full set of API to customize your behavior. Check out all the time saving integrations for your company.

Getting started is easy! Install Domotz free for 21 days today on Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, NAS (Qnap, Synology, ReadyNAS) or our box. After that, transparent pricing starts from just $19 a month per network for monitoring an unlimited number of devices with no long term contract!

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