Post Purchase Customer Experience Solution

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WeSupply - Zendesk: Order Tracking & Returns Management.

Zendesk Support & WeSupply: create a frictionless post-purchase experience!

Post-Purchase Success at your fingertips

WeSupply makes it more convenient for you to:

-Bring all of your data under one roof to save resources

-Create a frictionless self-service returns experience

-Reduce WISMO tickets with proactive notifications

-Streamline all your order delivery and return processes

-Set the appropriate expectations to boost your sales

Say Goodbye to WISMO inquiries

Reduce problematic WISMO "Where is my order?" contacts that keep support teams busy. Let customers know when their order has been shipped, delivered, or postponed with proactive notifications and real-time order status updates.

Turn occasional shoppers into loyal customers

Create an effortless customer experience that drives sales and customer loyalty using WeSupply— your one-stop app for order tracking, fast deployable branded tracking pages, and self-service returns that can now be integrated with Zendesk.

Unify your ticket view & access information faster

Create a unified ticket view & show relevant information for each order: customer name, order number, delivery status, tracking number & carrier, shipment label, associated returns, return shipping status, and more. Everything in one place! Your customer care reps can comment or tag each ticket for a better organization and fill in any relevant information regarding the order status without having to switch platforms.

One final piece to the Customer Experience Puzzle

Elevate the post-purchase experience, boost customer satisfaction & become champions of customer service— whether the missing piece of the puzzle is an easy-to-implement tracking page, proactive shipping and return notifications, self-service returns & easy refunds, the availability of a good in-store pick-up flow, or insightful data about your sales performance.

Processing Returns in an instant

Process returns quickly and protect your business from fraud. Add as many rules as you need, remove human errors, keep track of your returns & exchanges, and make sure all customers are satisfied— options that make managing Zendesk returns feel like a breeze!

Get Started Today!

Automate post-purchase processes and enter the fold with Zendesk & WeSupply— the ticketing system and post-purchase customer relationship management tools you need for guaranteed success.

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WeSupply Track Shipments and Start Returns directly from Zendeskimages

Make sure you check out the complete procedure here, and contact us at hello@wesupplylabs.com if you have any questions!

  1. Download the app from the Zendesk Marketplace.

  2. Log into your WeSupply account & connect to the Zendesk app.

  3. Add your Zendesk domain name & generate your WeSupply PairId.

  4. In the Zendesk Admin Panel, insert your WeSupply Admin Key and WeSupply PairId.

  5. Lastly, add your WeSupply Domain to the Zendesk app.

You can find the complete procedure here.


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