Segment is a customer data platform that helps you send and receive Zendesk data

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Make the most of your Zendesk data by automatically populating new users into your setup and importing your Zendesk data into a SQL database for advanced analysis.

INTEGRATIONS / Register users with Zendesk

  • Use the same piece of code to create new user records in Zendesk, and your email and analytics tools. Segment’s integration product allows you to send user data to hundreds of tools with the flip of a switch.
  • Tie new users to their respective organizations in Zendesk automatically.

SOURCES / Analyze the complete customer experience

  • Import your Zendesk data into Amazon Redshift or Postgres to do deep analysis on your customer support team
  • Combine Zendesk data with other cloud sources like Salesforce and SendGrid to get a complete understanding of the customer experience.
  • Learn how interacting with your support team affects revenue, retention and activation by combining Zendesk and Stripe data with Segment and analyzing it in SQL tools like BIME.

Answer questions like

  • Trending Ticket Tags
  • What are the most common tickets in a free trial? How are those tags trending over time?
  • Product Usage Before Support Tickets
  • When are customers getting most frustrated with your website or app and sending support tickets?
  • Average First Response Time by Week
  • How fast is your support team responding to customer support tickets? How does the experience differ per time zone?
  • Quarterly Support Tickets per Customer
  • Which customers are requiring the most attention from your support team over the course of a quarter?
  • Tickets by Subscription Plan
  • Which customer’s subscription plans send in the most tickets? - Where should we allocate new hires?


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