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ChatGPT for e-commerce customer support

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Yuma.ai is ChatGPT for e-commerce customer support. Yuma brings the power of the latest innovations in AI and LLMs to Zendesk. It was built by Silicon Valley veterans and is backed by Y Combinator W23. Already, more than a hundred merchants are using Yuma to streamline their customer support.

Yuma natively integrates into Zendesk. You can get started anytime with our 7-day free trial. During this period, you can cancel anytime without being charged. For special inquiries, please reach out to zendesk@yuma.ai. Our team is here to help.

Yuma is not another chatbot. Instead, Yuma empowers support agents with productivity tools, automated drafts, and insights.

Native Features:

  • Automatic Response Drafting: For ecommerce-supported intents, Yuma will automatically suggest an appropriate answer.
  • Instruct Yuma: Type a short instruction and receive a full draft in return.
  • Brand Voice: Each generated draft is written with your own style.
  • Shopify Integration: Install the Yuma Shopify app to leverage orders and subscription data.
  • Custom Knowledge Base: Yuma learns from historical conversations, help centers, content pages, macros, and Shopify products.
  • Conversation Summarization: Summarize a long ticket with one click for easy escalation.
  • Yuma Learns: Yuma improves over time by learning from your answers. Our US-based engineering team releases new improvements and features weekly.

Advanced Enterprise Features:

  • Custom Workflows: Automate your top 30% of support inquiries by leveraging AI-powered rules and smart templates.
  • Custom Intents: Write custom intents in plain English to automate actions, tagging, and triage.
  • Live Support: Use a Slack shared channel between your support team and the Yuma team.
  • Multilingual: Auto-translate messages and generate drafts in the appropriate language.
  • Multi-Brands: Yuma natively handles multiple brands and stores.
  • Dedicated Permissions: Enable or disable Yuma for specific agents in your team.

Getting started is easy:

  • Yuma is a one-click install app: simply install the app and everything will be automated.
  • Once installed, Yuma will begin building your custom knowledge base in the background.
  • Depending on the size of your store and data, it should be synchronized in less than an hour. Then, you can start using Yuma.
  • If necessary, you can adjust your settings in your Yuma dashboard (accessible after installation).
  • Enjoy your free trial and reach out to us for any assistance!

For pricing information, please contact us or visit https://yuma.ai/ai-ticket-assistant-pricing.

Note: Yuma works best when coupled with both our Zendesk and Shopify integrations.


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