Customer Thermometer

Witney, United Kingdom
Customer Thermometer makes 1-click email surveys customers love. Simply add our buttons into emails sent from any of your systems, to get real-time, actionable customer feedback.

Add Customer Thermometer’s 1-click CSAT or NPS email surveys to your Zendesk tickets and threads for real-time, actionable feedback from any email you send.

Join thousands of customers, including Glossier, BT, Songkick and EDF Energy, in getting great response rates from friction-free surveys that are easy and engaging for your customers. Customer Thermometer is a flexible customer satisfaction rating system – you can embed a range of satisfaction rating buttons from our icon library or customize your own to make your brand really stand out. All ratings and comments are posted back to your Zendesk account in real-time. Critically, you can add our feedback buttons to ticket closed notifications, meaning that your customers don’t receive two emails.

You can also set up our service to: - Gather additional insight using our Response Drivers, which allow you to ask your customers the reason behind their feedback rating, with easy to use buttons.

Alert you, or any group of individuals of unhappy customers via instant email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, iOS/Android alert and many more. Using our Closed Loop tracker to notify agents and ensure they follow up on feedback and resolve issues in a timely manner.

Easily measure and report on Net Promoter Score across all placeholder data, your agents. Run real-time reporting including pin-able CSAT, NPS Ribbon reports based on agent names, product names, country/territory names, or any other data you hold in Zendesk placeholders that you need to report on.

Set up quick and easy integrations with Slack, Teams, with many dashboarding tools, webhooks, API, PowerBi...- Analyze data quickly with a full out-of-the-box reporting suite

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