Tip of the Week – Manage Multiple Feedback Tabs on Multiple Websites

Tip of the Week – Manage Multiple Feedback Tabs on Multiple Websites

2011 年 10 月 31 日
Tip of the Week – Manage Multiple Feedback Tabs on Multiple Websites

This tip is a little dated. Read this article for more up-to-date information about managing multiple feedback tabs.

You probably already know about our feedback tab. It’s one of the simplest ways to allow your customers to create tickets, search forums and start chatting with your agents without having to leave your site, saving time and confusion.

You can also create multiple, unique Feedback Tabs. Each time you go to the “Settings” menu, select “Channels” and then edit the Feedback Tab menu, you’re creating a unique tab with its own settings. You can use that fact to create different, distinguishable tabs for your different websites.

In this example, let us assume that MondoCam supports two websites. One of these is purely for purchasing cameras; another is devoted to service and repair. If they have a different Feedback Tab on each page, they can set up two different Feedback Tabs (each with their own Javascript code snippet) and use that tag for a number of purposes.

Let’s walk through the setup first.

  1. Create a new Feedback Tab on the Settings > Channels menu. Click “edit” on the “Feedback Tab” section. While setting it up, just be sure that you add an appropriate tag for the site you plan to place it on.
  2. When you are done, hit the “Preview & grab code snippet” button and add the resulting script to your website. Now you can start taking tickets from your webpage!
  3. Every time you come back to the Feedback tab settings, you’re creating a new feedback tab with it’s own ID. This is how we can be sure that requests from different websites are tagged differently!

Let’s say that MondoCam’s service tickets need to be escalated to a Technical Issues group within their Zendesk portal. That can be accomplished now that we’re tagging. Best of all, it’s totally automatic.

Go to your Manage menu and select the “Triggers and mail notifications” menu and create a trigger like this:

You could also set the assignee, the priority, or any of your custom drop-down fields this way. Basically any field you can set manually can also be set with a trigger.

Because of the tag, you can also limit the conditions on a view or a report so that you can keep accurate track of how many tickets are coming from different sources. The ability to keep any number of Feedback Tabs active at one time is a great way to categorize and keep track of your tickets.

If you ever want to edit the settings on a Feedback tab, just take a look at the script that controls it on your website. Find the “dropboxID” in the script and navigate to its permanent URL. That looks like this:


Just use your Zendesk site name and the ID number from the Javascript and you can make any changes to the settings you like!

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