Customer journey mapping tools

It’s no longer a one-way street

If you miss out on the fact that today, your customer is on their own, custom, journey and that you must be more empathetic than ever, we'd bet tomorrow you may find your holding the (empty) bag.

Customer journey mapping tools such as Zendesk Explore help shift the focus outward. Essentially making business a two-way street. Answering questions like: Who does the customer think you are? Where do they struggle and and when do they get frustrated?

Caution—two way traffic ahead

Are you really ready for the answers that a customer journey mapping tool can give? What if you learn that your perceptions of what the customer wants is wrong? Are you willing to make the necessary changes?


Not an easy journey

  • Customers must enjoy dealing with you. Customers must relate to your brand and you need to build relationships
  • The customer wants a low-effort experience. The more work they have to do to solve a problem, the more they despise you
  • Self-Service please. When they don’t have a critical problem, they will go online. But when there’s a critical problem they need to pick up the phone and call 24/7

Come see what puts the Zen in Zendesk

Whether it’s having worshipers queue up outside Apple’s retail church, or receiving fan mail raving about how much they think your product is like Starbucks, there’s no better feeling than when your customers keep coming back.