Help desk ticketing system comparison

Ask the right questions

Comparing and choosing the right help desk ticketing system for your organization is no easy task. There’s a surplus of products and vendors promising low-cost, high-performance solutions for agent efficiency, team productivity, proactive support, and more. You know the solution should be easy to use, scalable, and cost-effective. And the vendor should be a long-term partner in your customer support journey.

But how can you tell the reality from the rhetoric?

Examining the modern help desk

We’ve pooled our collective knowledge and put together a list of 50+ questions to ask your help desk software vendor. From flexible APIs to agent knowledge bases, we cover common support solution requirements in the following categories:

  • Customer's user experience: multiple communication channels, self-service options, and CSAT surveys
  • Admin configurations: workflow management tools, ticket view control, and roles
  • Admin management: SLAs, permissions, language preferences
  • Cost & value: implementation, onboarding, and ROI
  • Useful support tools: macros, transcripts, knowledge base articles, and more
  • Agent interface: support performance, ability to escalate tickets to a manager, and ticket fields
  • Management tools: metrics and dashboards
  • Security & compliance: data encryption, disaster recovery, and HIPAA compliance

Have no doubts

Print out the full checklist and take it with you when you’re kicking the tires on your new ticketing solution. We know evaluating software vendors can be overwhelming but hopefully armed with this insider knowledge you’ll feel like a pro. And if you’d like to speak with someone at Zendesk, visit to get started.