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Welcome Zopim

Last updated September 15, 2021

We’re excited to announce that we have acquired the award-winning web app company Zopim! Zopim is easy-to-use, live chat software that we are thrilled to add to our family of products. The entire Zopim team in Singapore has joined Zendesk.

We acquired Zopim to accelerate our chat functionality and to bring our users a beautifully simple product they can use to engage their customers in real-time. Zopim has a great track record of providing tools for proactive customer experiences to customers worldwide. They offer both free and paid plans for customers, and have focused on making their product intuitive, transparent, and fun.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Zopim team and culture attracted us to the company as much as their product. They continued to laugh at our jokes even after the deal got signed, so it seems like the feeling is mutual.

What does this mean for the product integration between Zendesk and Zopim?
Our combined engineering team is busy working on a new Zopim app that embeds the chat agent experience in Zendesk. We expect the first iteration of this new app to be available in May, after which there will be a steady stream of improvements.

Will Zendesk customers get Zopim?
All Zendesk plans will include the Zopim Lite plan when the new integration is launched in May.

What does this mean for Zendesk chat?
Customers using Zendesk chat will be able to continue to do so. However, we believe that Zopim is a far superior product. It has a customizable widget and extensive feature set that we don’t have, so our future development efforts will be re-focused to Zopim. We’d like to invite customers to give Zopim a try.

We’ll continue to update you on the exciting things we’re planning, so stay tuned.

The value of a conversation

Use live chat software to keep up with your customers' needs.

The value of a conversation

Use live chat software to keep up with your customers' needs.

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