18 customer service videos to improve your customer service skills

We created a list of helpful customer service videos from top industry leaders. Grab the popcorn and press play.

By Sarah Olson, Senior Associate, Content Marketing, @seolson5

Published August 17, 2020
Last updated April 27, 2021

Get inspired with this list of customer service videos from industry professionals and thought leaders. We have something for everyone, from support agent to chief customer officer.

Latest videos: What we’re watching right now

There’s a lot happening in the world right now, and it definitely affects customers. Here are a few videos that might help as you adapt your customer service for Covid-19 and beyond.

How to manage customer service during the COVID-19 holiday season

It's the most wonderful time of the year... unless you're on hold with customer service. Watch this video for tips to manage the high-pressure holiday season, and see here for more information to help prep your support team for the holidays.


Conversations are the future of service

We've seen a 48 percent increase in messaging conversations since April. Watch the video below to see how Zendesk can help you have better conversations with customers and empower your team to work the way that works for them.


How to land your next customer service job

A lot has changed in the job market this year. Jeff Toister, President of Toister Performance Solutions, sits down with recruiting expert Ken Schmitt for a Q&A about how to stand out from the crowd in your job search and why customer service can be a great opportunity for people who've lost their jobs due to COVID-19.


Customer service TED talks

These TED Talks are sure to inspire your customer service team, and they can enrich life outside of work as well.

A defining moment for human connection in customer service

Selena Scardina has spent nearly her entire career in customer service. In this TED Talk, she explains how human experiences—the kind that support agents create every single day—can propel business growth.


I was seduced by exceptional customer service

Business has never been more competitive. John Boccuzzi Jr., a sales professional with over 20 years of experience, explains how customer service can be an important differentiator when customers have many similar brands to choose from.


How not to take things personally

Support agents have a really difficult job. Talking to frustrated customers can be exhausting, especially if you take their complaints personally. This TED Talk has practical tips you can use at work (and at home) to keep things in perspective.


Customer service training videos

Help your team brush up on their customer service skills with these fun videos aimed at improving social skills and enhancing customer communication.

3 tips for delivering bad news in the Covid-19 era

Myra Golden is an experienced service professional who helps businesses rethink their customer complaint process so they can retain more customers. In this video, she shares tips for tactfully handling issues that may arise due to Covid-19.


10 call center acknowledgement, empathy, and reassurance statements

Rea Alducente, also known as Rea Ninja, is a customer service specialist and former BPO contact center agent. Here she shares tips for responding to customer complaints with empathy, and you can find even more tips on her YouTube channel.


3 things you should bring to your customer service performance review

In this video, customer service expert and trainer Adam Toporek shares three helpful tips for a successful performance review.



6 easy ways to charm anyone

Charisma on Command is a YouTube channel that demystifies social skills with examples from pop culture. These tips can help anyone, including support agents, win people over when it matters most.


Customer experience videos

Get your team excited about CX with these videos that show how a customer-focused approach can help create lasting loyalty.

Let’s talk change, with CX leaders

We chatted with CX leaders about how the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we relate to each other. Jump to 15:00 to catch the start of the conversation and a special guest you might recognize. Hint: He was in the original cast of the Broadway musical Hamilton.


Customer service vs. customer experience: What’s the difference?

Patrick Bet-David is a serial entrepreneur and creator of the Valuetainment YouTube channel. In one of the most popular videos about customer experience, he explains how brands can leverage customer service as part of their larger CX strategy.


4 ways to create an effortless customer experience

In this video, customer service consultant and trainer Jeff Toister talks to customer experience expert Matt Dixon about how reducing customer effort is just as important, and maybe more important, than wowing customers with grand gestures.


CX Moments

We’re all stronger when we share ideas. We created the CX Moments series to help show our community how other businesses are approaching CX challenges in the midst of the pandemic.

See the YouTube playlist for more conversations from this series.


Missed opportunities in customer service

Don’t be the last one to the party. As this video demonstrates, customers want to connect with businesses on the channels they prefer. And yes, that now includes WhatsApp.


Zendesk video tutorials

Find out how Zendesk software works with these video tutorials explaining key product features, benefits, and tips.

Zendesk Tutorials (YouTube playlist)

Start here with an introductory video showing how to navigate Zendesk Support. Continue watching the playlist to get familiar with key product features that can help you increase efficiency and improve your customer experience.


How to create an Explore report for tickets created vs. solved

In this how-to video, we walk you through how to create a report in Zendesk Explore showing the number of tickets created versus the number of tickets solved over a period of time, which is a valuable help desk metric because it can show how well your team is processing tickets and help identify staffing needs.


What’s Good: Answer Bot

In our What’s Good series, we share some of the most helpful Zendesk products and features, so you can make the most of your Zendesk software. Here we show how Answer Bot can help you resolve more tickets with less effort.


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