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Tip of the week: tips on Zendesk Voice from Zendesk Support

Last updated September 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: Zendesk Voice is now Zendesk Talk.

At Zendesk Support, we use Zendesk Voice to take inbound support calls and make outbound calls to our customers. Voice is incredibly simple to set up—adding a phone line to your Zendesk instance and associating it with a group can be done in just a couple of minutes. Plus, the agent interface is just as easy to use—the dial pad is accessible directly from the browser, while incoming calls pop up in the agent’s workspace and, in many cases, show you exactly who is calling and what company they are from.

But even the most straightforward tools may have not-so-obvious features that can help streamline your telephone support process. This tip of the week details six Voice tips and best practices for your agents:

  • Remember to set yourself to Offline on Voice when ending your shift.
  • Decline an incoming call if, for any reason, you’re unable to take it.
  • Exclude tickets for missed or dropped calls from your processes.
  • Set callers’ phone numbers as their direct line.
  • Use wrap up mode wisely and remember to end it when you’re ready for the next call.
  • If you support multiple languages or countries, choose the appropriate line for outbound calls.

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