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A Constant Stream of Improvements

Last updated October 27, 2008

One of the great benefits of a SaaS solution is the constant flow of improvements and new features that effortlessly sneak into your help desk. To stay up to date on all new features and application enhancements, we recommmend that you subscribe to our Product Announcement RSS feed.

Here’s a brief list or recent additions:

  • You can now make Zendesk notifications even more personal. A notification from your help desk can carry the “From” name of the agent or customer responding to the ticket.
  • Zendesk business rules can now contain both ALL and ANY conditions.
  • Set up distinct SLAs for individual customer organizations.
  • Help desk wide search has been optimized and received a layout overhaul. Plus it now comes with nifty little shortcuts.
  • The REST interface supports attachments.
  • Winmail.dat files are now decoded and added correctly to tickets.
  • There’s a new iPhone Safari interface, and Zendesk now supports Blackberry and Windows Mobile web clients too.
  • Macros now supported when bulk updating.

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