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Gourmet Games

Last updated September 28, 2010

The magazine industry is very clearly throwing a lot of stuff against the wall (or at least the iPad) these days vis-a-vis engaging readers. Tech culture blogger Anil Dash talks about developing a magazine app for Gourmet, which only this past year shuttered its print edition.

Their strategy for a more engaging magazine? Gameplay and rewards.

Rewards are the best part of using Gourmet Live — read a story on tailgating, and you’ll earn more stories about grilling. The goal was to acknowledge first that content is valuable, and that Gourmet readers are the kind of people who cherish collecting back issues that have meaningful stories in them. But we also wanted to capture some of that delight you get when you read an amazing story and just want to share it with people. Sure, it’s “gameplay”, but it’s not like Gourmet Live is gonna name anybody the Mayor of Cheese.

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